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  1. kamina19 Jul 28, 2009

    Was Tenchu Z the newest one? or is there a more recent one?

  2. Lucr3Tia Feb 10, 2009

    hi hope we can be friends.and i loveeeeee tenchu

  3. ItachiKing Feb 06, 2009

    Hello Tenchu fans I also love playing tenchu but i still didnt play the 3rd one though

  4. sanji123rocks Jun 28, 2007

    I loved tenchu 2 making your own levels was sweet, Tenchu z on ps3 is ment to be out dated and got 7.8 does have online missions and you can customize your charecters.

  5. hellbell Banned Member Mar 27, 2007

    no I do not use the fake killing move. I think it isn't very useful. maybe I am also to stupid to use it right, because I a always detected when trying it ._.

  6. Artaddict Mar 27, 2007

    hellbell don't like the stelth kill- I like to see the kill but I stop playing the game so I can bring it back to life and want to play again. Do you ever use the fake killing yourself move.

  7. hellbell Banned Member Mar 24, 2007

    I always cut the stealthkill scene.. After a while it is annoying sseeing everyone stealthkilling

  8. Artaddict Mar 23, 2007

    I kill everyone with stelth if I can. I don't like leaving anyone alive. I like to kill quick and try to see how fast i can get from one victim to the next. I also try to get the diffrent types of kills depending on what angle of attack. I think I would be the s*** if I was a real ninja.

  9. hellbell Banned Member Mar 23, 2007

    sometimes I try avoid killing even one and sometimes I kill everyone..
    It depens on my mood..
    Sometimes I also like like to stealth kill and sometimes I only kill them directly.
    For the bosses I used Wrath of Heaven.. It s great xD

  10. Artaddict Mar 23, 2007

    I use the blowgun the most. I like to use rice but i try to make the kill before they can eat it. On the boss i like to use the red stars. Do you kill eveyone or just some.

  11. hellbell Banned Member Mar 22, 2007

    I do not use many items but I always carry 2x poisoned rice (for annoying innocents and dogs), 2x smoke bombs and 2x blowgun. And what about you?

  12. Artaddict Mar 22, 2007

    --I want to get a psp and ps3 time to update-- I have always liked ninjas but did not know that they are samurai. thats why you don't see them in kung-fu fliks. What weapons do you use most.

  13. hellbell Banned Member Mar 15, 2007

    rin is from fatal shadows or kurenai.. i think she is also playable in the psp game. do not really know because i do not own a psp..

  14. Artaddict Mar 15, 2007

    Rin I don't remeber who that is? I feel like I a have more gameing to do.

  15. hellbell Banned Member Mar 14, 2007

    my best friends always plays the ronin villiage.. really annoying
    i also like all characters but i can play best with ayame.. after her it follows rin then rikimaru and at least tesshu.. really hat him~~

  16. Artaddict Mar 14, 2007

    Yea! I like all the characters but sometimes I can't wait and run out. It happens alot on the ronin city.

  17. hellbell Banned Member Mar 12, 2007

    i also try to get GRANDMASTER.. mostly with ayame.. i think she is the best
    with rikimaru i am always spotted.. damn..

  18. Artaddict Mar 12, 2007

    Alive and well is the tencu group. I need to start playing it again. The last time i was trying to get every stage and every character with the GRAND MASTER rateing.

    The Dr. reminds me of a movie I think it was crouching tiger hidden dragon. Or even the kiss of the dragon w jet lei.

  19. hellbell Banned Member Mar 11, 2007

    Quote by ArtaddictHellbell wow somebody actually showed up. I will be back.

    yehaa someones living =D

  20. Artaddict Mar 11, 2007

    Hellbell wow somebody actually showed up. I will be back.

  21. hellbell Banned Member Mar 11, 2007

    tenchu really is one of the best games ever
    its so sad that the group is so inactive..

  22. Artaddict Mar 10, 2007

    I have this game. I always get mad if i am ever spotted. I start the level over so I can see thoes golden words-GRAND MASTER.

  23. nintendoman Jun 12, 2006

    yeah nice . ~_~ but yay rikimaru is friekin awsome. ayame is f**kin hot, and one hell of a warrior. :) i have lost my favorite tenchu game. -_- it was stealth assassins. x_x but o well i can get my brothers.

  24. dianas Jun 08, 2006

    ohh because i`m not active here..i must sadly announce that i will leave the group..
    i have to check too many groups >.< but we still have active moods so the group is in good hands ;)

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